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CP Genie Quick Tutorials

Learn how to use the various features of Cruise Planners intranet, better known as CP Genie. Use this platform to collaborate, learn and connect with others in the Cruise Planners network.

Training & Development Department

CP Central: Using the Partner Resources Page (1:53)

Within eSource, you can find a link to view information regarding our preferred partners.

CP Training & Development

Marketing: CPpod Overview (3:15)

CPpod is our print-on-demand powered by SproutLoud. This tool allows you to create multiple contact lists in CP Maxx and then transfer them to CPpod for use in direct marketing initiatives within the SproutLoud system.

CP Training & Development

CP Maxx™: Dashboard Configuration (2:24)

Did you know that you can change the order of the panels on your dashboard? In this video, we will guide you through the steps of customizing the dashboard to meet your needs.

CP Training & Development

CP Maxx™: CP Hub (13:32)

CP Hub is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application built directly into CP Maxx. CP Hub provides you with the tools to record, track and manage everything you need to know about your clients' trip preferences and upcoming plans.

CP Training & Development

CP Maxx™: Create a Reservation (5:46)

This training section covers how to create a reservation in CP Maxx™, how to add components to a reservation and how to enter pricing and commissions and post payments.

Training and Development

CP Maxx™: Cruise Bookings Using eConnect (8:32)

eConnect connects CP Maxx directly to some of the major cruise lines.

CP Training & Development

Accounting: Introduction to Commissions (9:22)

Commissions earned are based on the vendor you choose to do business with. There is a range of commission levels, and higher commissions are mostly attained by doing business with our preferred partners.

CP Training & Development

Accounting: How Commissions are Paid (6:54)

This course provides insight on how your commissions are paid and how to avoid discrepancies that can lead to not getting paid your commission.

CP Training & Development

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