Weekly Trivia regarding geography and all that is Cruise Planners. Learning and fun will collide as you learn new things as well as refresh your knowledge.

Trivia: Brian's Tech Trivia

Brian’s Tech Trivia – focuses on our technology tools

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Trivia: Matt's Mad Money

Matt’s Mad Money – focuses on Finance, accounting procedures, compliance, etc.

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Trivia: Scott's Sales "Maxx" imizers

Scott’s Sales Trivia – focuses on sales tips, strategies, qualifying, closing, relationship building, etc.

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Trivia: Theresa's Marketing Whiz Quiz

Theresa’s Marketing Whiz Quiz – focuses on marketing strategies, social media, our marketing tools and programs

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Trivia: Vicky's Vault of Knowledge

Vicky’s Vault of Knowledge focuses on overall travel information varying from sales, groups, tools, etc

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Trivia: Where in the World is Michelle Fee

Where in the World is Michelle Fee - focuses on destination information

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